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Re: dovecot and mozilla recocnising new mail

Am Fr, den 08.10.2004 schrieb Götz Reinicke um 17:32:

> I recently installed dovecot 0.99 on a fedora core 1 Server which used 
> the wu-imap-server.
> dovecot starts and I can subscribe to my old imapfolders, but if I send 
> mails to my account, this new mail arent downloaded. If I quit Mozilla 
> and restart Mozilla, the recently send mails are in my inbox.

So simply requestion for new mail arrived does not succeed?

> We use also a webmailsystem, so I could verfy that the mails are in the 
> inbox without relogging in.
> This phenome is not showing up by all my imap accounts.

Have you compared the accounts to see any other differences? You checked
the permissions of the inboxes /var/spool/mail/$USER? And the users'
.subscriptions and it's content?

> The Inbox-folder for the "defect" account is showing in italic and grey 
> ghosted (in the folder list), the folder in the working account is normal.

Don't know what that means in Mozilla's mail client.

> A user using Netscape 7.1 on a Windows XP Client has also no Problems....

So it is a mail client specific problem? Same user account but different
mail client and with Mozilla Mail the problem exists and with a
different client not?

> Götz Reinicke


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