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Re: FC2 does not save settings

Am Fr, den 08.10.2004 schrieb Kali um 19:15:

> Using System settings>Internet configwizard, I had set permissions for
> 'user' to access the
> internet. The ISP's IP address and other details was set too. But when
> i try to log as 'user'  the page does not transfer login data and user
> is not able to access the internet.
> Even after changing permission  i can access only as root.  Why are
> the setting not saving for  users and what am i doing wrong here?

Have you checked bugzilla for an entry reporting this as a problem seen
by others too?

You can do it by hand:

grep USERCTL /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-*

In the ifcfg-$DEVICE file for your outgoing device you will have to have
an entry


> Secondly, is there a Womens user group in Fedora (as in KDE) ?

I doubt :) Do you feel specific female needs in handling Fedora?

> Kali


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