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RE:New Install /w Misc. problems

I sent a previous submission where I was talking about WiFi locations. I said that most locations have "g" service 5.4 MB/sec available, with a few having only "b" service at 2.4 MB/sec.

I had the right idea, but the wrong speeds. Most have "G" service at 54.0 MB/sec, with a few have "B" service at 11.0 MB/sec.

Duh... All I had to do was look down on my screen....

One thing has really bothered me though in the Linux information available. I always read in Linux/UNIX documents and topics that most WiFi sites are running "B" service even when you have a "G" modem. I drive a truck coast-to-coast, and have my own small trucking company. I get my loads over the Internet. I find far more "G" access points across the country then "B" access points. The only thing that I can figure is that "B" access must be more available around colleges.
(The state of Texas has began putting free WiFi Internet access in Rest Areas along major highways.)


Lloyd Hayes

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