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Re: fedora hosting question

Hi Alex,

I looked at the 2 host provider solutions that you provided at:


Do you have a preference as to which you think is better? They both look to be very good and offer many features.

Thanks again,

Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Am Fr, den 08.10.2004 schrieb Lonnie Cumberland um 20:03:

I am wanting to learn how to set up am run a linux web hosting service as an opensource learning project to select some of the best applications to be included from around the web and using Fedora 2 as the platform. As I am new to this hosting I am sure not to use the correct terminology.

A serious warning: start hosting for customers only if you have much experience with all the involved services. And much means for over years. Web hosting is no trivial job.

Could anyone please point me in the write direction to possibly locate some information on things like:

1. "web based control panels" that maybe similar to Plesk but opensource so users can control they hosting accounts.

- http://www.web-cp.net/ - http://www.molesoftware.com/www/index.php?i18n=de&pid=1&title=Produkte&sub=4

2. Maybe a user registration/admin PHP script or so that they can set up a basic account on a server

See above.

3. Not sure how the domain registration works but I want to learn about that too.

Then you should contact a registration company and ask for there conditions and how they work. First you will have to learn administrating DNS from scratch. www.tldp.org has a DNS (bind) howto.

4. I would like to also implement a Dynamic DNS for users with dialup accounts as well.


5. Will implement things like SAMBA to the users accounts as well as offering them web, mail, and ftp services

Samba for what? Samba has nothing to search in the field of webhosting. Get familiar with secure services like IMAPs/POP3s, HTTPS and FTPS or FTP/TLS.

By the way, all of this is to be opensource and free

Anyway, this should be some good learning on how to be a linux hosting service provider and I hope to get some good guidance from the forum.

Don't expect you can get trained to be a Linux hosting service provider from asking a bit and reading a few papers. I told you initially. It needs a lot and long experience.



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