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Re: fedora hosting question

Am Sa, den 09.10.2004 schrieb Lonnie Cumberland um 0:32:

> http://www.web-cp.net/

> http://www.molesoftware.com/www/index.php?i18n=de&pid=1&title=Produkteâ=4

> Do you have a preference as to which you think is better?  They both 
> look to be very good and offer many features.

I think it would be web-cp. Have a look at http://www.hostinghacks.net/.
They have suggestions for running it on Fedora as well as a demo you can
use to check it out. At all it is less restrictive than VHCS (the
second) regarding the applications supported. I am not sure, but it
seems VHCS is only German, at least I can see the website only in German
(which is no problem for me personally :).

Have a close look at the features list of both tools and compare the
supported applications with the list of software you can master.

> Lonnie


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