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Re: Moving Along with Fedora!

David Mamanakis wrote:

Because I have limited exposure to Unix/Linux I would like to ask a question
about the directory structure of Linux...
When I installed, I used the "auto setup" thing, and let it have at it...
Now I have all kinds of directories like "\" and "\root" and "\usr"...

More likely "/" "/root" and "/usr" -- better get accustomed to regular slashes for separating directories. BTW, the reason why Windows uses the backslash "\" to separate directories is because back in the DOS days the "/" character was used for command switches. *nix uses "-" for this purpose.

"/" is the root; everything else is underneath this -- programs, data files, devices, everything.

"/root" is just the root user's home directory. It is handled separately than the user home directories (usually under "/home") because there are cases where root needs to do things when the /home hierarchy isn't available. Some machines -- like the one I'm using now -- don't even have any user directories under /home. In my case, /home is nfs mounted from a FreeBSD machine.

What I would like to know, and feel free to mail me directly, or point me to a
web resource, but I would like to know the windows equivelent of the linux
C:\ = ??? in linux system
C:\Windows = ??? in linux
C:\Program Files = ??? in linux
or better yet, run it backwards...
\ = ??? in windows system
\root = ??? in windows
\usr = ??? in windows

This would help me navigate and get comfortable with the new system...

This may be helpful to you:



-John (john os2 dhs org)

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