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Re: text vs html posts on this list...

Robin Laing wrote:
Scot L. Harris wrote:

On Thu, 2004-10-07 at 11:47, Robin Laing wrote:

Carlos Davila wrote:

Hey, I remember

using a teletype in the early 80's...they have certain redeeming qualities, like a hard copy of your session:-)

And it was very hard to fall asleep at the terminal when it was clanking away. Good for those late night sessions. :)

Except when you got the one with the ribbon that was about as dry as the Sahara....

Have you ever tried to read the impressions left on some of that green
bar paper... :)

No, we were always lucky to have new ribbons available.

We also didnt' use the green paper much. We had three types, blocked areas, white or rolled like newsprint (most commons) until we got some thermal TI's. Ah, thermal printouts on a nice sunny day. All black by the time you remember. Book more computer time and re-print.

Of course there was the paper tape backups. These made great streamers off of the 21st floor.

And the chad was great for confetti at football games--especially when mixed with the chad from the IBM 029 keypunch machines!

Rah! Rah! Go Team!

"Rotate Left! Rotate Right! Push On, Pop Off, BYTE! BYTE! BYTE!"

(uh oh!  dating myself again!)
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