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Womens user group

> <snip>

>  gender isn't an issue that needs to be addressed
> > really, because tech is tech...knowledge is knowledge. Am I
> > mistaken?

But people aren't code. 

> It was not my intention to offend any section of the Tech population
> nor divide them on the basis of gender.   Such a group does exist in
> KDE and if Fedora had one i wanted to join it :-) that's all.
> -- 
> Kali

I once went to lunch with my wife and her 3 friends from work, 1/2 way
through I said to myself "Man, women are weird, I'd never noticed that
before."  I had to say it to myself as there was no pause in the hour +
long conversation.  At least there's a 2 second pause on an audio CD.

Kali, start one!  I don't know how you would but get a hold of Red Hat
and see what they say.  I play ice hockey every week, and if you were in
the locker room before the game I'm sure you would say "Guys are pigs
don't they ever grow up?"  Answer... sorry no, they just learn to cover
it up better :-)


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