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Re: cant mount drive

> sg                     28513  0
> udf                    79429  0
> dm_mod                 47317  0
> sd_mod                 17473  0
> usb_storage            58121  0
> scsi_mod              105360  3 sg,sd_mod,usb_storage

So there are a couple of things that ring a bell.  Do you a a SCSI
harddisk attached? Because you get  sd_mod to load up which is for the
SCSI disk but you don't get sr_mod  which is for the CD. Is this an
external CD drive?

Post the contents of /proc/scsi/ dir to see what the kernel thinks
about your CD.

You see the new kernels have native ATAPI support for CD drives and 
this is compiled into the kernel but for external usb devices I think
SCSI takes precedence.  So your problem might be there. Unfortunately
I don't have played around with USB CD drives so there isn't much I
can do.

I am pretty possitive though that if you google for it on the net you
will definitely come up with something.

The only thing that comes up in mind is force SCSI on the hdc by
appending to the command line of the kernel that you boot the command:


Maybe that wil help?

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