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Re: OT: spammers are using my domain again

Paul Howarth wrote:

On Sat, 2004-10-09 at 04:18, Phillip T. George wrote:

Most likely your ISP is blocking outgoing (& incoming) port 25...SMTP. Its a common and wise trend with ISPs. They force you to use their SMTP. They don't want to get on spam lists is the reason why. Its a great idea. You might contact your hosting service @haligonian.com and see if they have an alternative SMTP port that you can use. I personally let my clients use port 2025, though 2525 is also a popular choice.

The "proper" solution to this is really to use SMTP submission on port 587. This should use SMTP AUTH and should work from anywhere if your hosting service provides it. It's not open to relay because of the SMTP AUTH requirement and hence nobody should be blocking port 587.



Very interesting. Where did you come up with this solution from? I haven't heard of port 587 being used for any kind of SMTP...But googling it reveals quite a bit, and browsing /etc/services it shows it listed as well. Don't know how I looked over this....


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