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Re: OT: fedora hosting question

Alexander Dalloz


======= 2004-10-09 02:53:19 the original letter is:=======

>Am Fr, den 08.10.2004 schrieb Lonnie Cumberland um 20:03:
>> I am wanting to learn how to set up am run a linux web hosting service 
>> as an opensource learning project to select some of the best 
>> applications to be included from around the web and using Fedora 2 as 
>> the platform. As I am new to this hosting I am sure not to use the 
>> correct terminology.
>A serious warning: start hosting for customers only if you have much
>experience with all the involved services. And much means for over
>years. Web hosting is no trivial job.
>> Could anyone please point me in the write direction to possibly locate 
>> some information on things like:
>> 1.  "web based control panels" that maybe similar to Plesk but 
>> opensource so users can control they hosting accounts.
>- http://www.web-cp.net/
>> 2. Maybe a user registration/admin  PHP script or so that they can set 
>> up a basic account on a server
>See above.
>> 3. Not sure how the domain registration works but I want to learn about 
>> that too.
>Then you should contact a registration company and ask for there
>conditions and how they work. First you will have to learn
>administrating DNS from scratch. www.tldp.org has a DNS (bind) howto.
>> 4. I would like to also implement a Dynamic DNS for users with dialup 
>> accounts as well.
>> 5. Will implement things like SAMBA to the users accounts as well as 
>> offering them web, mail, and ftp services
>Samba for what? Samba has nothing to search in the field of webhosting.
>Get familiar with secure services like IMAPs/POP3s, HTTPS and FTPS or
How to do this??? Administrate the users and get the status when them online??

>> By the way, all of this is to be opensource and free
>> Anyway, this should be some good learning on how to be a linux hosting 
>> service provider and I hope to get some good guidance from the forum.

>Don't expect you can get trained to be a Linux hosting service provider
>from asking a bit and reading a few papers. I told you initially. It
>needs a lot and long experience.

How to do it right now? on my first step, would you give me some guides?
>> Lonnie
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thanks very much!
        louis wang
        louiskingwang 126 com

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