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Re: text vs html posts on this list...

Jeff Ratliff wrote:
On Thu, Oct 07, 2004 at 09:48:28AM -0500, Carlos Davila wrote:

I remember being irritated at receiving html emails when I was an "elm" user in the mid 90's...and my initial response was that this should not be a problem in 2004; however, those who choose to use command line email readers (or even ascii terminals or teletypes) should be respected for making that choice.

If you look at the monthly mailing list stats (posted not too long ago), you'll notice quite a few people still use text mode mail readers. I think mutt is in the top 4. Personally I think it makes my
life easier to just deal with text. I don't care about fonts or background colors or smileys or graphics. Just give me the facts.

I personally do not accept html mail for security reasons, not to mention the file size difference.

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