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Re: how to deal with duplicate rpms

Pybe wrote:
On Sat, 9 Oct 2004 16:14:15 -0400 (EDT), Richard Horvitz
<rhorvitz ececs uc edu> wrote:

When I do an "apt-get update" it tells me that I have some duplicate rpms,
e.g. qt-devel
rpm -q qt-devel

and there are a few more.  Is there a safe way to clean these up?
Thanks for any information!

I had this happen in mass proportions on one of my test machines. I located the older version and deleted just the database portion using rpm. the second package being newer most likely overwrote the earlier rpm of the same type for files of the same name.

rpm -e qt-devel-3.3.3-0.1 --justdb
should erase the duplicate, which is probably just the db entry in the database for rpm.

After removing the database only as described above, verify the newer version is complete with the command below. If it is not complete, you might need to download the latest rpms and replacefiles and replacepkgs.

rpm -q --verify qt-devel-3.3.2-2
should come back with no result, otherwise, your latest version rpm is not intact.

to correct this problem, you need to run the below command, after downloading the rpms into a local directory. This will replace all files and the package entries from the older incomplete rpm.

rpm qt-devel-3.3.2-2*.rpm --replacefiles --replacekgs

I hope this helps! Also this discussion took place on the development list and there is a script that was effective in locating all the duplicate rpms and I could easily delete only the db from the earlier versions and all was well. The subject has MA Young in the title. I found the script when using a search off of redhat.com's main site page.


"If I have trouble installing Linux, something is wrong. Very wrong."

- Linus Torvalds

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