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Re: fedora hosting question

> 1.  "web based control panels" that maybe similar to Plesk but 
> opensource so users can control they hosting accounts.

If you are familiar with Plesk you might be familiar with CPanel.  I
know CPAnel isn't "opensource" you want might want to look into ZPanel. 
Its a opensource clone of CPAnel except its really lacking on the WHM
side of things.  I would run Webmin with this.  

I spent months looking for a free alternative to CPanel and I really
couldn't find one I felt comfortable with.  wcp// (I think or WEbCP) is
a good one same with VHCS but I never could get the hang of them.  I
prefer just Webmin for my boxes but this is personal. I know of hosting
companies that use webmin/usermin as there cp also. 

> 2. Maybe a user registration/admin  PHP script or so that they can set 
> up a basic account on a server
Ok Webmin and Zpanel mixed together.

> 3. Not sure how the domain registration works but I want to learn about 
> that too.

Here it depends on what you mean as in reselling or in maintaing.  in
maintaining follow Alex Dalloz advice if reselling goto enom.com

> 4. I would like to also implement a Dynamic DNS for users with dialup 
> accounts as well.
> 5. Will implement things like SAMBA to the users accounts as well as 
> offering them web, mail, and ftp services

Now Follow Alex 4 and 5 you don't need mambo you should implent
FrontPage Extensions so you can have users connect using Frontpage and
work on their sites "live". Also you will want to install the Zend
encoder so your users can run scripts with Zend encoding. 

BTW Alex: I have seen hosting companies implement SAMBA for use with
MAMBO.  I don't know why or how, I never have taken the time to play
with it but thats what I was told about it.

> By the way, all of this is to be opensource and free

Everything I mentioned is opensource except CPanel and Plesk.
> Anyway, this should be some good learning on how to be a linux hosting 
> service provider and I hope to get some good guidance from the forum.
Jumping straight in is how I learned the hosting side of things.  
Don't do it, I'm lucky I have a couple partners who have helped me with
my learning curve.  Learn your services, learn all the little commands,
learn to use grep, learn to read the logs, learn how startup works. 
These are mandatory MUSTS, IMHO. 

> Thanks for any help that you might be able to provide.
> Lonnie

Also take a visit to webhostingtalk.com also forums.cpanel.net has some
cool tricks not really related to cpanel but help.

I hoped to have helped you in some way.  I wish you best of luck and
don't worry you aren't alone.

Mike Ramirez
Mike Ramirez <mike thexxxhost com>

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