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Re: how to run window .exe files in FC1!

Angela Kahealani wrote:
On Saturday 2004-10-09 05:47, louis wang wrote:

The file System is different between Linux and Windows.The *.exe file
could not be excute unless you have the dll or other files which is
used under Windows, So maybe you could  not use these exe files under
Linux.However there are some exe files individual, so you could use
wine to mimic an enviroment to use them.

I understand the nonexecutability of WinDblOwS .exe's on Linux, but
I have a related question: some folks distribute (e.g. on the WWW),
downloadable "stuff" which is theoretically NOT an WinDblOwS executable,
but instead some kind of compressed archive, which nevertheless has an .exe extension, which I presume means that it is a self-extracting archive IFF you have WinDblOwS to execute it on... and the question is:
is there any way to retrieve the contents running Linux, i.e. is there a Linux program that knows how to extract the archive's contents, ignoring the self-extracting wrapper?

You can learn about the file type by the following command:

file file.exe

file will tell you what it can about the file.

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