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Re: text vs html posts on this list...

Mike Klinke wrote:
On Saturday 09 October 2004 20:11, Timothy Payne wrote:


Any suggestions for mail programs that will bounce an html with a
"Sorry we only accept text email no attachments please."

Most any mail client has the ability to filter on the body of the message and you could probably bounce on something like "</html>" but the my best suggestion would probably be .... "don't", your friends and neighbors probably won't be happy with you. Just detect them on your end and send them to /dev/null.

Regards, Mike Klinke

Spammers also use html mail and if you send a reply then all you have done is let them know they have found a real person and you will start getting a bunch more spam. Sending them to /dev/null is probably a bit much, filter them into a mail folder where you can look at them and if they are from family and friends, you can send them a message that you only accept text mail. They will probably be good enough to make the exception for you. If you do not know who the mail is from then you probably do not want it any way and can just delete the message.

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