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QT 3.3 and upgrade KDE to 3.3: newbie question

Hi all,

I just installed FEDORA to drive away from Microsoft and I nearly
completely new to UNIX/Linux/Fedora, but I have a lot of experience
(working in IT) with VMS, OpenVMS and W2K, WNT...

First of al I configured YUM to use download servers nearby and with YUM
UPGRADE a upgraded my fedora to 2.6.8.-1.521. I accepted everyting so i
think my whole system is upgraded.

I wanted to install some software (KNetStats,
http://knetstats.sourceforge.net/) that requires QT 3.3 and I think I
know that this comes together with KDE 3.3. that is based on it (am I

I have some questions about QT and KDE related to upgrading.

1. How to determine which QT version I have. I have KDE version
3.2.2.-8FC2 Red Hat.

2. I wanted to upgrade KDE to KDE 3 (which is announced) but end up in a
internet-folder (ftp://apt.kde-redhat.org/apt/kde-redhat/2/RPMS.stable/)
Not the faintest idea which of all these files I have to download and
how to install them.

3. Is there a possibility to configure YUM in a way that I can use it to
upgrade my KDE-environment to 3.3?

I will be happy with each and every tip regarding this problems.

With kind regards/Met vriendelijke groet,

Hans Troost

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