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knetstats installation: newbie questions

Hi all,

I just installed FEDORA to drive away from Microsoft and I nearly
completely new to UNIX/Linux/Fedora, but I have a lot of experience
(working in IT) with VMS, OpenVMS and W2K, WNT...

First of al I configured YUM to use download servers nearby and with YUM
UPGRADE a upgraded my fedora to 2.6.8.-1.521. I accepted everyting so i
think my whole system is upgraded.

I wanted to install some software (KNetStats,
http://knetstats.sourceforge.net/), downloaded it a bzipped TAR file.

I think the extraction of the files worked. but

1. where to extract to, a specific folder??
2. How to install: I read the README file, and I sure I can type over
all the commends, but I don't know
1. Do I have to 'cd' to a specific folder first?
2. what else do I have to do first..

Here is the readme file:
        To install:
        make install
        Note.: The compilation is qmake based, not automake/autoconf
        To run, type:
        Any doubts or suggestions, hugo_pl users sourceforge net

Hugo, I posted this to the list in stead of just mailing you. I nearly
sure that I'm not the only newbie here!!

With kind regards/Met vriendelijke groet,

Hans Troost

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