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Re: knetstats installation: newbie questions

Am So, den 10.10.2004 schrieb root um 15:56:

> I wanted to install some software (KNetStats,
> http://knetstats.sourceforge.net/), downloaded it a bzipped TAR file.
> I think the extraction of the files worked. but
> 1. where to extract to, a specific folder??

Where you like. Can be "/vat/tmp/" or "/home/htroost/src/". Just don't
use system directories.

> 2. How to install: I read the README file, and I sure I can type over
> all the commends, but I don't know
> 1. Do I have to 'cd' to a specific folder first?

You have to be in the directory where untared the source to.

> 2. what else do I have to do first..
> Here is the readme file:
>         To install:
>         type:
>         ./configure
>         make
>         make install
>         Note.: The compilation is qmake based, not automake/autoconf
>         based.
>         To run, type:
>         knetstats

I don't understand your question. This README has a list of instructions
in a specific order (this order is in general valid). Do as you are told
to do. Don't be "creative" and try first make and then configure. The
order of the given commands does matter. If you get an ordered list of
instructions, why do you feel you will have to puzzle them?

> Hans Troost


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