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Re: knetstats installation: newbie questions


Start in the directory in which you "untarred" the downloaded file.

>         type:

	  cd /directory/where/the/downloaded/files/are

>         ./configure

	./configure runs a script which will examine your system and possibly
ask you some questions, such as where necessary programs are located and
where the new software should be installed.  Default values are given,
and if you don't know what the answer should be, taking the default is

The configure script creates the makefile you need in the next step.

>         make

Typing the make command with no arguments causes the default action to
be executed.  The default action is to build the executable files on
your computer.  Until you do this step, you don't have anything to

>         make install

This uses make to actually install what you just built.  This has to be
the last step.  The "install" in this command is a make target, if you
are familiar with make.

As Alexander mentioned, the steps are straightforward, but what they do
is unfortunately not explained.  I hope this helps.

After successfully installing, you can remove the directory of files
that you downloaded if you want to.

Erik Hemdal

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