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Re: QT 3.3 and upgrade KDE to 3.3: newbie question

> 2. I wanted to upgrade KDE to KDE 3 (which is announced) but end up in a
> internet-folder (ftp://apt.kde-redhat.org/apt/kde-redhat/2/RPMS.stable/)
> Not the faintest idea which of all these files I have to download and
> how to install them.

The files are rpm files, the way Redhad (and some other distros) package 
sotware, so that when installed it can be managed by a central database.

You could download them directly and install them, but it is far better to use 
a program that automates the process. This is becaue packages have 
dependencies, so you'd download A, try to install, it'd say it depends on B, 
which depends on C etc...

IN the old days this was called dependency hell, but these days you can use 
either apt or yum which pretty much just get everything you need when you 
install new software.

Personally I preffer apt to yum, but apt is originally a Debian thing that was 
ported to Redhat. Yum was for redhat-like systems from the start. I like apt 
becausae is it's a common interface on Debian and Redhat systems, which IMO 
is a very good thing. Apt is also a bit faster, although I wouldn't worry too 
much about that anyway.

There are frontends for apt and yum. The apt one is called synaptic and makes 
installing new stuff very easy. Can't remember what the yum one is called.

Hope this helps,

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