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basic installation problem

Hi, everyone. My desktop has Red Hat 9 currently
installed on it, but I decided to do a clean
installation of Fedora Core 2 (rather than simply
upgrade). I downloaded the 4 disc iso files and burned
them to CDs (after checking the md5sums). The CD
burnings seemed to go fine, and the discs all show the
appropriate iso files on them. I loaded disc 1 into
the CD-ROM drive and rebooted my desktop, but it just
started up Red Hat 9 again, rather than the Fedora
Core installation. Just to check, I loaded disc 1 into
my notebook (a Dell running on Windows XP) and
rebooted, and again, the Fedora Core installation
didn't begin.

Any suggestions? (Keeping in mind that I'm pretty much
a newbie when it comes to Linux, but I have some
O'Reilly books and I'm more than willing to do the
work to learn more. So I may be confused by highly
technical answers, but I don't want to remain ignorant.)

--joshua m. neff


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