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Re: basic installation problem

joshua neff wrote:
That makes sense. So...how do I change the BIOS order?
I'm looking through Linux in a Nutshell, but I'm not
finding anything that easily says how to do this.

--- Mike Noble <mgnoble cox net> wrote:

joshua neff wrote:

Hi, everyone. My desktop has Red Hat 9 currently
installed on it, but I decided to do a clean
installation of Fedora Core 2 (rather than simply
upgrade). I downloaded the 4 disc iso files and


them to CDs (after checking the md5sums). The CD
burnings seemed to go fine, and the discs all show


appropriate iso files on them. I loaded disc 1


the CD-ROM drive and rebooted my desktop, but it


started up Red Hat 9 again, rather than the Fedora
Core installation. Just to check, I loaded disc 1


my notebook (a Dell running on Windows XP) and
rebooted, and again, the Fedora Core installation
didn't begin.

Any suggestions? (Keeping in mind that I'm pretty


a newbie when it comes to Linux, but I have some
O'Reilly books and I'm more than willing to do the
work to learn more. So I may be confused by highly
technical answers, but I don't want to remain


--joshua m. neff


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This sounds like your BIOS is setup to look at the following: floppy HD CD ROM

You need to change the BIOS order to have the CD ROM
before the HD.
This way the boot image on the CD ROM will be found
before the HD.


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When you reboot the computer, try F12. That might give you a list of possible boot locations. If that doesn't work try F2 or Delete to enter the BIOS and change the Boot order from there.

- Mostafa

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