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Re: basic installation problem

On Sun, Oct 10, 2004 at 09:19:00AM -0700, joshua neff wrote:
> Hi, everyone. My desktop has Red Hat 9 currently
> installed on it, but I decided to do a clean
> installation of Fedora Core 2 (rather than simply
> upgrade). I downloaded the 4 disc iso files and burned
> them to CDs (after checking the md5sums). The CD
> burnings seemed to go fine, and the discs all show the
> appropriate iso files on them. I loaded disc 1 into
Here's your problem, right here (above). When you view the 
contents of the CDROM after doing the burn you SHOULD NOT
see any ISO files. You SHOULD see a filesystem containing a
number of files and subdirectories.

If all you see is a single file, the ISO file, you've not done
it right. The ISO is an image of a CDROM. YOu need to tell your
CD burning tools to "create cd from image". Exactly how you do 
that depends on which software you are using.

> the CD-ROM drive and rebooted my desktop, but it just
> started up Red Hat 9 again, rather than the Fedora
> Core installation. Just to check, I loaded disc 1 into
> my notebook (a Dell running on Windows XP) and
> rebooted, and again, the Fedora Core installation
> didn't begin.
> Any suggestions? (Keeping in mind that I'm pretty much
> a newbie when it comes to Linux, but I have some
> O'Reilly books and I'm more than willing to do the
> work to learn more. So I may be confused by highly
> technical answers, but I don't want to remain ignorant.)
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