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Re: Dovecot Issue Clarified

Robert Trembath writes:

Put the server up about a week ago, everyone can authenticate and pickup
mail. IMAP and POP3 are configured. I have set these up before and had no
issues. New mail is arriving and I can use webmin to examine user
mailboxes. On some mailboxes, say 10 of the 70 I setup, the user cannot
download new mail via pop3 using Outlook 2003, even though there are
hundreds of messages. If I use Mozilla, there is no issue. Outlook does
not even return an error message. It just acts as if there is no new mail.

Known bug in Outlook.

Does anyone know how to correct this

Bitch to Microsoft until they fix it.

                                     as I am trying to make some shifts in
this company from MS to Fedora and if I donât get this fixed quickly,
their first impression wonât be a good one like I would like it to be. I

Solution: simultaneously migrate from Outlook to Mozilla.

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