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Re: basic installation problem

joshua neff wrote:
Okay, so I'm attempting to burn new CDs the right way.
Now, I apologuze if this sounds stupid, but, does this
seem right?: Using RH9's Nautilus, a window
automatically opens up for the blank CD, labelled
"burn:///"; I clicked and dragged the first disc iso
over into the "burn" window; do I now click on "Write
CD" and on "Target to write to" I click on "File
Image"? I'm not seeing any other way to "create CD
from image."

Again, I apologize if this sounds really ignorant.

Usually you would want to use nautilus to navigate to the location of your iso files. Then you would choose write to CD and nautilus-cd-burner should burn you a copy of the desired filesystem.

I usually close down the popup blank window and just navigate to the isos myself. I don't know what would happen if you dragged the iso to the burn window, then clicked write to CD. It might work, though probably not a step that is needed.


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