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Re: PS command

Am Mo, den 11.10.2004 schrieb Jean Morissette um 4:56:

> Could you tell me please what the fields STAT and TIME mean in the PS 
> command output.  I have read the man page without success.  By example:

> -Jean

TIME = used CPU time by the process
STAT = state of the process:

    state   The state is given by a sequence of letters, for example,
	     ``RWNA''.	The first letter indicates the run state of the pro-

	     D	     Marks a process in disk (or other short term, uninter-
		     ruptible) wait.
	     I	     Marks a process that is idle (sleeping for longer than
		     about 20 seconds).
	     R	     Marks a runnable process.
	     S	     Marks a process that is sleeping for less than about 20
	     T	     Marks a stopped process.
	     Z	     Marks a dead process (a ``zombie'').

	     Additional characters after these, if any, indicate additional
	     state information:

	     +	     The process is in the foreground process group of its
		     control terminal.
	     <	     The process has raised CPU scheduling priority.
	     >	     The process has specified a soft limit on memory require-
		     ments and is currently exceeding that limit; such a pro-
		     cess is (necessarily) not swapped.
	     A	     the process has asked for random page replacement
		     (VA_ANOM, from vadvise(2), for example, lisp(1) in a
		     garbage collect).
	     E	     The process is trying to exit.
	     L	     The process has pages locked in core (for example, for
		     raw I/O).
	     N	     The process has reduced CPU scheduling priority (see
	     S	     The process has asked for FIFO page replacement (VA_SEQL,
		     from vadvise(2), for example, a large image processing
		     program using virtual memory to sequentially address
		     voluminous data).
	     s	     The process is a session leader.
	     V	     The process is suspended during a vfork.
	     W	     The process is swapped out.
	     X	     The process is being traced or debugged.


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