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Can't mount NFS export


i have two machines running FC2 in the same LAN and i want to share
files between them. I'm used to do this in Windows environments through
shared folders. After reading some doc. it seems like NFS could be an
option to share files between machines.

I have set up and running NFS server on the file server machine and i
have exported /home/alanza. The line in /etc/exports reads like this:

	/home/alanza	(ro)

On the other hand, i have set up linux firewall to allow all
communication between machines on the LAN.

Now, as root, in the client machine, i've tried to mount the NFS export
on the server machine, like this:

	mount server:/home/alanza mountpoint

But... with no success. I get the following message:

	mount: server:/home/alanza failed, reason given by server: 	Permission

I have no idea what could be happenning, why the server denies

Are there other ways to share files?

Thanks in advance,


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