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RE: forcing a specific IP [RESOLVED]

On Sat, 2004-10-09 at 22:43 +0200, YigalB wrote:
> [<Yigal>] Thanks. The problem is solved. In order to move from auto-IP
> to dynamic I needed to do 3 steps:
> 1- enter the requested IP
> 2- write the sub mask
> 3- take the DNS from /etc/resolv.conf - in my case it's
> Now I wonder why couldn't I just write the IP and let the Fedora do the
> rest - after all there is a simple algorithm to follow.  

Fedora WAS setting it all up for you, it was using DHCP to configure the
IP, DNS, Gateway, Network Mask, Broadcast Address, and possibly a host
of other things.

However you chose not to use DHCP (even though this could still have
been used depending on your implementation of DHCP server).

With regards to the "simple algorithm", in your case it was fairly
simple, but that is not to say it is simple on others specifications.

But, at least you now have it working.
Douglas Furlong
Systems Administrator
T: 0870 420 4475        F: 0870 220 2178

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