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K3B in Fedora Core2 as standard user


I try to use k3b as normal user but it doesn't work. As "root" there are
no problems.

1. I have to writer devices, a DVD burner and a standard cd-burner. DVD is
made as scsi-device (hdd=ide-scsi) the cd-burner is as normal ATAPI
As user I'll get the cd-burner just showed as normal cd-reader not as
burning device. (From within settings/devices)

2. I can not burn as user. K3B will give me an empty list of burning
devices so I just can create images.

3. As I remember in earlier times there was a tool called k3bsetup. This
one is missing. :( tried to call it direct and via rooted kcmshell.
nothing happens.

cdrecord and so on have the suid flag as i could see. So I have no ideas
anymore. somebody else? This happens with every kernel I used, eg.
selfcompiled or default kernels.

Any hints welcome



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