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Re: sbcglobal

Frank Pineau wrote:
On Mon, 2004-10-11 at 10:47 -0500, Phillip T. George wrote:

Even with business class service (DSL, that is), current/new accounts need 
to use PPPoE.  They stopped allocating via straight DHCP quite some time 
ago (I'm using a business class SBC DSL account, and I work for SBC).

OUCH.  Personally I prefer Cox cable.  DSL seems to suck, especially 
when its PPPOE.



I dunno, I have SBC and my 3Mb/512kb is pretty nice, with speeds
comparable to cable and I don't have to share the bandwidth with
everyone in my neighborhood.  Plus, I have a /29.  The PPPoE aspect is
handled by the Cayman Netopia bridging router they gave me.

Interesting...Where are you located?  DSL just never has seemed to work very well here...drops the connection a lot--at various locations, not just one.  The system was down most of the day on Friday for a lot of people in fact...  normally its just annoying because the modem needs to be reset at a lot of locations.

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