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App Start up Woes in KDE 3.2.2

Hi list,

A problem has crept up on me over the past couple of weeks and I have no
idea where to begin troubleshooting it.

When I first load KDE 3.2.2 some apps, such as Evolution, Kate, Kwrite,
Kcalc, gnome-print-manager, gedit, basically any KDE or Gnome native app
takes a very long time to load, up to 5 minutes. Sometimes, they
hourglass for a while and then just stop.

Executing, say, kate at the command line gives no error messages nor do
any appear in any logs.

Xmms, Xine, Wine apps (M$ Word, ppt, etc), firefox all start up right
away. It's only KDE and Gnome apps. Once the apps are up and running
everything is fine. But each app must go through this process once.

However, say I logged out with Evolution still open. Next login will
restore the app without delay.

I cannot think of any event that may have changed my system. I've been
running FC2 with kernel 2.6.7-1.494.2.2.stk16 for a couple of months on
a Dell Latitude D800 laptop. Since this problem began I tried the
updated KDE from up2date but the problem persists.

Any thoughts on where to begin tracking this down would be greatly

Derek Schaible <dschaible cssiinc com>
CSSI, Inc.

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