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Re: sbcglobal

Hi, I'm a lurker on the list here.
I'm down here in South Texas, and SBCs DSL has been pretty solid.
The only thing close to an outtage was shortly after I moved. I would have intermitten phone+dsl "blackouts", usually about 10-15 minutes apart and usually lasted 1-2 minutes each. I called the phone company and they had hit me with about $200 in transfer fees (for my long distance and phone service, but not for the DSL...). After I paid, the mysterious outages stopped...

Randy Kelsoe wrote:
Phillip T. George wrote:

Interesting...Where are you located? DSL just never has seemed to work very well here...drops the connection a lot--at various locations, not just one. The system was down most of the day on Friday for a lot of people in fact... normally its just annoying because the modem needs to be reset at a lot of locations.

I am using SBC and it has been rock solid here in Houston, Texas. The people I know using cable modems are frequently having to reset their modems and routers. I know one person who had cable access, and she said there were a lot of people in her neighborhood sharing the connection. She said during peak hours, her connection was about the same as her 56K modem.

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