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Re: Video card on Thinkpad T42

I have the same problem as you do. I also have a T42 and I am runnig
FC1. I also went to display configuration trying to fix it. However, I
left my display configuration at VESA because the T42 has an "ATI
Mobility Radeon 9600". I am assuming that the difference is the
"Mobility". So, I tried to find a driver that I can install and then
configure but I could not find it.

I tried going to ATI but there was not enough information about the
driver. So, for now I am sticking with VESA until I can find a better
option. However, if anybody else has a solution, I am willing to try


On Mon, 11 Oct 2004 13:34:30 -0400, Rithin Shetty <rithin gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
>     I'm running Fedora core 2 on my IBM Thinkpad T42 for quite
> sometime now. T42 has "ATI Radeon 9600"  video card. However by
> default FC2 selects "VESA driver (generic)" as the video card. If I
> play video files the CPU utilization is close to 100% and it jerks.
>     Hence I changed the video card explicitly to "ATI Radeon 9600" by
> going to "System Settings ->Display". I then logged off and logged
> back in, the video files where playing very well and the CPU
> utilization was very low ( less than 10%).
>     But then if I put my laptop to sleep (using /proc/acpi/sleep
> interface) and restart it later, the  video card setting reverts back
> to "VESA driver (generic)" and I have the same problem with playing
> video files.
>     I would appreciate if anyone helped me in resolving this issue.
> Thanks,
> Rithin.
> --
> Rithin K Shetty
> Graduate Student (Computer Science)
> North Carolina State Uniersity
> Raleigh, NC. Ph: 919-834-6782
> http://www4.ncsu.edu/~rkshetty
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