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Re: hardware space size error

Hm, by "convert" you mean you deleted the partition and created a new one, then ran mke2fs, right? (by the way, if you don't have a specific reason for running ext3, I wouldn't. ReiserFS is a godsend for large partitions. A fsck takes a few seconds. Beautiful)
I'd run fdisk /dev/hdb and take a look at the partition table. You may have some free space (be careful w/ fdisk, if your cat jumps on the KB, you could lose your whole drive...trust me on the cat)

Bao Cao wrote:
Dear All,

I converted NTFS hdb6 to ext3 hdb6, which is ~90GB.
This is a dual system,FC2+WinXP. Then I changed fstab,
the corresponding line is:
/dev/hdb6               /mnt/homewd             ext3
defaults,umask=0222        0 0

Now I can write and read /mnt/homewd, but its size is
7.7GB, obviously not correct. Can anybody please show
me why and where I failed? Thanks for any tips!


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