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Re: OT (ish): How to copy hidden files/directories

Angela Kahealani wrote:
On Monday 2004-10-11 06:43, Don Buchholz wrote:

Well, in ~15 years of *nix, I've never had a problem with ".??*",
so your post got me thinking a little harder about corner cases.  ;-)

- Don

In 22 years of *nix, I also have never had problems with .??*,
as nobody names files ..a or .a, so that they CAN use .??*
since we are lazy typists, that's why EVERYthing in *nix is
lower case and short. I've noticed that some software has been over the years reprogrammed to protect against the USUALLY unwanted interpretation of .. but you can't count on it, so the shortest
spec to hidden files that is guaranteed never to match .. is .??*,
and so that's what everyone uses, and thus nobody names files that are hidden to NOT match that, because any such file "gets lost", and we learn not to make them in the first place...

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