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Re: URGENT sis hsp 56 MR modem

On Monday 11 October 2004 04:06 pm, adel essafi laposte net wrote:
> hi list
> please, does someone succeeded to find a driver for a hsp56MR winmodem
> driver on FC1.
> thank you

I've never had any experience with that modem, but I can give you some advice 
about where you might help you.

1. http://www.linmodems.org -- Some excellent background information there, as 
well as links to other useful sites. Be sure to search their discussion list 
archives. Also, they have a link to the linmodem how-to. However, be aware 
that it is three years old, and some of the information may be out of date.

2. I found one applicable thread in the Fedora list archives: 

3. Search google for "linux fedora hsp56mr" and "linux fedora hsp56 mr". (If I  
were more skilled at using google I could probably devise a better query to 
cover both model numbers at one time.) Incidentally, the generated lists 
could be reduced by using Google's language choice option.

Several years ago, the standard response on linux mailing lists to your 
question would have been, "It won't work and you have to buy a real serial 
port modem". Fortunately, through the hard work of some members of the linux 
community, workarounds and fixes have been devised so that it is now possible 
to make many winmodems workable. However, I will stay with my beloved Zoom 
external serial modem: no drivers, no compilations, it just works.

-- cmg

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