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Re: sbcglobal

Mike Burger wrote:
On Mon, 11 Oct 2004, Phillip T. George wrote:

Unless you're using busness services from SBCGlobal or have a router, 
then you're going to have to set up PPPOE.  I'm not sure what the steps 
are for this, but someone else on the list may know.
Even with business class service (DSL, that is), current/new accounts need 
to use PPPoE.  They stopped allocating via straight DHCP quite some time 
ago (I'm using a business class SBC DSL account, and I work for SBC).

OUCH.  Personally I prefer Cox cable.  DSL seems to suck, especially 
when its PPPOE.

I'm going to have to disagree, somewhat.  I don't have to share my 
bandwidth with the others in the surrounding neighborhoods, and I haven't 
lost my DSL connection yet, which I can't say with my previous cable 
connection.  In addition, I've got multiple IPs, and because my DSL 
modem/router (Netopia Cayman unit) is handling the authentication for 
PPPoE, I don't have to worry about whether or not my firewall computer is 
keeping up with the connection.
Where are you located?  Also, have you even tried cable--that whole sharing neighborhood thing is usually a load of crap.  Around here they give out 4Mbps standard...they recently decided to upgrade.  My bandwidth has never suffered, unless I'm connecting to a slow site (in which case, I make sure its not my bandwidth, by checking another site).

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