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Can't browse windows shares from nautilus


I posted this question on the samba list but I have had no response so far. It is probably more of a nautilus problem any how.

I'n using the nautilus file browser in a GNOME desktop environment on a FC2 system.

If I enter smb:/// in the location bar in nautilus I can see the windows network but whenever I try to look at the shares on a windows computer I get a message saying that I do not have permissions to view the contents. I can browse these same shares from a windows machine.

I looked in the archives and found a thread on a similar problem. This thread mentioned that the gnome-vfs-extras rpm had been depreciated and should be removed. This solved the problem for that person but didn't work for me (I did have that rpm installed snd removed it). Here are the rpms that I have installed:


In looking at an ethereal trace when I enter the smb:/// I see some NBNS messages folloed by 3 TCP messages and 2 SMB Netgotiate Protcol Request/Response, all of which look OK.

Then comes a "session setup andx request, NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE" message. In this message is a "Security Blob" section and part of this is "Calling workstation domain". This is set to WORKGROUP which is wrong for me and does not match what I have set in my smb.conf file. There is also a "session setup andx request, NTLMSSP_AUTH message that has the same problem. My user name and machine name are set correctly but the domain is wrong.

So it would appear that Nautilus is not reading my smb.conf file.
Any pointers on how to proceed from here will be appreciated.


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