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More X freezes

I was running happily along with the latest kernel (2.6.8-1.528) and the latest xorg updates about 3 weeks ago (just before the last round of xorg updates?). In addition, I was running the nvidia video driver version 6106. I was experiencing *no* hangs from the X server since upgrading to this nvidia release.

Then, when the last xorg updates came through, I also upgraded to the 6111 nvidia driver, *AND* I turned on pre-linking. After restarting X, it froze up on me about 3 days later (after a prlonged idle period: the screensaver hangs, the keyboard gets ignored, the mouse doesn't work, and if I go to another computer and ssh in, I see that "X" is consuming all the cpu cycles it can get its hands on.) The only way to recover is to "telinit 3", then kill the running X server and wait for it to clean up. At this point, I still don't have mouse or keyboard control, until I issue "telinit 5" and the X server restarts. Then the console keyboard and mouse work again.

I tried backing the nvidia driver back to 6106, but I experienced another hang 2-3 days later, so I'm pretty sure its not the nvidia driver.

I am now beginning to suspect that its the pre-link stuff I installed and started up. Here's the big question: Can I just un-install the prelink RPM? What about all of the binaries that have already been pre-linked? Any way to restore them to their "pre" pre-linked states?
I suspect that I'll rebuild the nvidia module again after I remove prelink (anyways), and report back here if I get another hang....

Kevin J. Cummings
kjchome rcn com
cummings kjchome homeip net
cummings kjc386 framingham ma us

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