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Re: Going back to yum or up2date

On or about 2004-10-12 03:36, Peter Cannon whipped out a trusty #2 pencil and scribbled:

Hi All

Whats the implications of stopping the use of apt-get and going back to using yum/up2date?

I currently use synaptic for updating. I decided to switch to Gnome from KDE and the up2date icon said 60 updates available some of which are KDE related.

I know its not good to use two/three different update programs but synaptic has not given any updates for a couple of months now so I am thinking of going back to up2date.

What are the pitfalls of going ahead with the updates offered by up2date?

Why not just continue to use synaptic and apt? They both run just fine under KDE.

If up2date (under KDE OR Gnome) shows you additional updates that you didn't see from synaptic, then it's certainly likely that you have the two programs configured to look at a different set of repositories.

Fritz Whittington
TI Alum - http://www.tialumni.org

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