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Re: OT: DSL Vs. Cable

Phillip T. George wrote:
Hello all,

Made a new topic, because there's so many replies to the other post, I
didn't know which one to reply to.  It seems to me that in Tulsa, OK the
choice to go with is Cox cable.  Its possible that the phone lines just
aren't up to par or there's some other reason as to why DSL is not very
If anyone in the Texas area uses cable instead of DSL, please reply and
let us know how your service has been (especially if you have used DSL
before).  I'd like to see the comparison of someone who has firsthand
experience at both.  Like I said, in my area (Tulsa, OK), Cox cable seems
to be a much better choice.  Most of our customers don't even know where
the Cable modem is, where as with our customers that have DSL (cheaper, of
course) know EXACTLY where their DSL modem is at :)


Service from either may differ on the location. Cable needs to be segmented or it runs into load problems at certain times of the day. I had Cable and moved to DSL. During the change over to DSL, I could connect to my Cable providers servers faster via DSL than Cable. Even talking to the system admin was a waste of time.

My experience is DSL is much more reliable.

Mileage may vary. :)

Talk to your neighbors about their experience. This would be a better indication.

Robin Laing

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