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Netboot: kernel panic no init found

Hi all,

I have followed the instructions for configuring a diskless client using system-config-netboot, and at the point where the diskless client is supposed to boot up, it dies saying:

Kernel panic: No init found

Finding nothing in the docs about troubleshooting (the docs just assume everything will just work), I try the following:

- I try to mount the initrd.img file to see if the init program (which is apparently a script called disklessrc) using the following command line:

mount /tftpboot/linux-install/Fedora_Core_2/initrd.img /mnt/root -o loop -t ramfs

This shows the ramdisk to be empty, even though the ramdisk file is 2.2MB in size.

I have no idea whether the ramdisk is in fact empty, or whether I am mounting the ramdisk incorrectly: the absence of any kind of error message when I mount the ramdisk suggests I am doing it correctly, but then why would the ramdisk be empty when it is 2.2MB in size?

- I try to sniff the network to see if any attempt is being made by the client machine to make an NFS connection to the server, but no evidence of an NFS connection seems to exist.

Has anybody set up netboot before? What else do you need to do that is not included in the instructions?


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