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Re: Sendmail GUI

Chris Logan wrote:
I was wondering on the front of sendmail.org's homepage it has under Current Release:
"Sendmail, Inc. is offering Sendmail Multi Switch http://www.sendmail.com/products/multiswitch (based on 8.12 http://www.sendmail.org/8.12.html) for commercial networked routing, Sendmail Advanced Message Server http://www.sendmail.com/products/sams for hosting and Sendmail Mobile Message Server http://www.sendmail.com/products/smms for Web/Wireless access."

This Sendmail Multi Switch (The GUI part) is just what I am needing is it in the opensource version of sendmail. Or do I need to get it from Sendmail, inc. If it is in the open source version how do I get in installed and use it on Redhat ES 3.

The open source stuff is all at sendmail.org; the sendmail.com site is for the commercial offerings, and that's where Sendmail Multi Switch is. So you'll need to contact Sendmail, Inc.


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