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Re: Sendmail GUI

On Tue, 2004-10-12 at 12:41, Chris Logan wrote:
> I was wondering on the front of sendmail.org's homepage it has under 
> Current Release:
> "Sendmail, Inc. is offering Sendmail Multi Switch 
> http://www.sendmail.com/products/multiswitch (based on 8.12 
> http://www.sendmail.org/8.12.html) for commercial networked routing, 
> Sendmail Advanced Message Server http://www.sendmail.com/products/sams
> for hosting and Sendmail Mobile Message Server 
> http://www.sendmail.com/products/smms for Web/Wireless access."
> This Sendmail Multi Switch (The GUI part) is just what I am needing is 
> it in the opensource version of sendmail. Or do I need to get it from 
> Sendmail, inc.  If it is in the open source version how do I get in 
> installed and use it on Redhat ES 3.

Sendmail Switch is the "value-add" componant that Sendmail.com puts on
top of the base Sendmail code. It's not open source nor is it included
in RHES3 (or any linux distro)

It's how Sendmail.com makes it's money. So the short answer is if you
want Switch you will have to pay for it.

Tony Placilla, RHCT
(585) 586-5757 x 2201

I use Linux because it's like owning a chainsaw compared to owning a pen
knife. Not always necessary, but much more fun

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