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Re: Sendmail GUI

Am Di, den 12.10.2004 schrieb Craig White um 19:08:

> You might want to check out webmin <http://www.webmin.com> - it ain't
> Multi-Switch but it's awfully good and free. It does give you easier
> access to the granular items of sendmail from a web browser.
> Craig

Does Webmin meanwhile work with the sendmail.mc file or will it still
leave you with a customized sendmail.cf which means that if you switch
over to a different system you have no chance then to rebuild the
sendmail.cf from a customized macro file?

If you don't know what you need to set I feel Webmin does not help you
really. If you know what files need to contains which information you
are as quick in editing the plain files. This is my personal experience
with it.


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