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dual boot on fedora core 3

Does anyone know if the dual boot with windows xp bug. present in kernel 2.6, has been fixed in the upcoming fedora core 3?

I am considering an upgrade from fedora core 1 and have a dual boot system with windows xp (partitions formatted in NTFS). I am a bit wary about upgrading and having to fix my master boot record to allow windows to work again.

Also, one thing I have not managed to work out from all the reports of this bug, does it effect a system if the linux installer does not make any changes to the partitions on the hard drive? i.e. when everything is already set up and only a clean install upgrade is being performed?  I don't want the installer to do anything other than format my current linux partition and install on this partition, this shouldn't effect the boot record should it?

Any help would be appriciated as I have messed up my current install of linux!!!


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