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Re: AT&T Global Network Client Help

I have a fresh install of FC2 on my IBM X20
Now im a newb with linux, so I having some troubles

I have downloaded the client from ftp://ftp.attglobal.net/pub/client/linux/static/setup

Sorry, I know nothing about this software, but perhaps you don't need it. I have used AT&T Global from many cities in various countries, and the service is completely 'vanilla' -- just enter the access number, user name, and password as you would with any dial-up ISP. My AT&T experience is only with Windows, but wouldn't expect any problem with fedora.

Unless you have a real need for it, I would advise
against installing any software from an ISP on any
platform; it often causes problems when later accessing
other providers, and there are sometimes privacy issues,
unwanted windows, etc.

If you will be using AT&T from multiple locations,
you can get access numbers at
https://help.attbusiness.net/index.cfm?fuseaction=access_numbers.home .


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