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Re: Digital signature madness....

Am Mi, den 13.10.2004 schrieb Rodolfo J. Paiz um 1:19:

> Having enabled this, my Evolution (2.0.1 in FC3-T2) went from reporting
> "Invalid signature" to saying "Valid signature, cannot verify sender."
> 	1. How do I now get it to verify sender?

There is a difference between a valid signature (--verify) and a trusted
key (--trusted-key).

> 	2. What do I do so others can verify me (since I just created a keypair
> a couple of days ago, surely I'm the only one with my pub key)?

gpg --help
  --> --export                   export keys to a key server

> 	3. What changes should we make to the default configuration so
> verifying keys becomes easier for all Fedora users?

I feel the user has to read the documentation and to understand the
different "states" of a key. There is no easy way or you make signing
senseless. You have to know whom you trust and why.


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