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Re: FC3t2 and t3 installation problem due to a SATA_SIL module loading issue..

Am Mi, den 13.10.2004 schrieb Gabriele Zappi um 1:23:

> I'm proudly running Fedora Core 2 and I wished to upgrade to FC3t2, and
> later to FC3t3.
> I own a computer with a SATA Raid by Silicon Image on motherboard (my
> computer specifications appear below). Unfortunately during boot up, my
> installation stops after loading SATA_SIL module. On the screen, after
> the dialog box "Loding SATA_SIL", some garbage characters appear (like
> "# $%@$^G54AWE#" or something similar ) an nothing else... I'm able to
> change sceen by pressing Alt+F3 or F4 to see debug messages, but the
> installation won't run any longer.

Wrong list, sorry. If you experience such problems with a test release
please communicate them on fedora-test-list redhat com 

> Here are my system specs:
> - CPU : AMD Athlon XP Barton 2500+ (overclocked to 3200+)

An overclocked system is no good basis for discussing such issues.


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